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What we stand for

Family Visit

Accurate and Honest

We pride ourselves on providing you, the client, with choices.  Consider us to be your Risk Management Specialist's. 

Be it for your health, life, annuity, or medicare related needs, we will work with you to make sure the product is suitable for you and your budget.

This means that our advice to you is completely on what's best for you. Period. We believe it's the only arrangement that's fair to our clients.



Our approach to your needs is to first evaluate your situation and give you recommendations. We believe in giving you the information and if you so desire , setting up a second appointment for you. This gives you the ability to walk away and make sure that the choices we have discussed , feel right to you. No pushy sales approach.

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Mature Couple Showing Affection


Opening the doors in 2005, we have maintained an ever growing client based by referral. We value our relationship with each and every one of our Intouch Family Members. I believe that we stand out in our field of expertise, always living and learning for our members. We represent many companies so that we can shop the plans available and give you the best choices possible

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